About Lauren Ross

Lauren Ross is a licensed clinical social worker and leader in the field of school mental health. With over 22 years of experience in public education and clinical settings, Lauren is passionate about creating spaces of belonging, support and resilience for youth and families. Lauren currently works at Cherry Creek School District where she serves as a leader of the mental health team, with over 170 school psychologists and social workers.

In 2019, she trained under Brené Brown to become a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator. She has brought this training to the public education and nonprofit sectors to build courageous leadership skills with the amazing humans doing hard and important work. In 2022 she shared the story of Project Village on the stage of TEDxCherryCreek, encouraging all of us to show up in social media space with greater courage, compassion, connection and community.

She lives in Denver, Colorado, with her amazing musical husband David, as well as their two children (Jade and Maya) and their schnoodle (Oreo).

About Project Village

Project Village was born out of the Project Quarantine 2020 Facebook group. The pandemic of 2020, for so many of us, was a defining era of our lives and Project Quarantine 2020 was created during this international crisis. When people all over the world stayed home, kept their families safe, and struggled through adversity, an amazing VILLAGE emerged within this social media space. In three months’ time, the group grew to over 42,000 members, serving as a place of community, resource-sharing, support, humor, and joy during an international crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mission of Project Village is to provide resources, information, and support for families and organizations as the world navigates the recovery from the Pandemic. Now more than ever in our history, we need to build collective resilience through courageous conversations and smart resources. Project Village brings people from around the world together to stay grounded in the values of COMMUNITY and CONNECTION. Project Village also challenges all of us to show up with courageous leadership skills in social media spaces, in order to share generously of our resources and stay kind and compassionate with one another. 

Project Village Resources:

  1. Home Learning Hacks for Kids & Teens
  2. Family Staycation 2020
Lauren Ross's Wedding
Lauren and her kids walking in a field
Lauren laughing with her kids
Lauren and her family

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