Creative and Fun Activities for This Year’s Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is here—and with the CDC’s guidelines for the winter holidays,  hopefully most of us are staying home for them. 


This year will undoubtedly look different from years past, with many of us celebrating miles or even states away from our loved ones. But that doesn’t mean we can’t imbue our favorite holiday traditions with new meaning this year––it just means we have to get creative about them! After all, whether you celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Las Posadas, the December holidays all share a theme of family connections and cultural traditions. From family games to holiday crafts and foods, there are plenty of unique and safe ways to celebrate. If you haven’t decided how to tweak your family traditions, try the ideas below to start.


  1. Virtual Holiday Recipe Parties


What would we do without Zoom? Even when you and your kids can’t spend quality time with aunts, uncles, and grandparents, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be part of your holiday celebration—especially when it’s so easy to add a dash of creative fun to your video chats. Consider putting together a video call where everyone can try making the same holiday dish at the same time. Bonus points for traditional family recipes!


  1. Do a Distanced Cookie Swap


Rolling out and decorating sugar or gingerbread cookies are big parts of many families’ holiday traditions, and that shouldn’t change. But instead of having dozens of cookies on hand for your family alone, consider swapping them with (or simply gifting them to) friends and family! Drop off your cookie gifts at loved ones’ homes, or even ship them to long-distance friends and family.


  1. Visit Santa on Zoom


If part of your holiday tradition includes an in-person visit from Santa himself, you can explain to your kids that social distancing is required even at the North Pole! Have a loved one dress as Santa and talk to the kids on Zoom, or try a virtual Santa visit online.


  1. Dress Up Your Family Fun Night


Games and playful activities are a big part of the season, so why not dress up your family fun night for the occasion? Try playing Christmas-themed games for a change, or have a holiday movie marathon for some seasonal fun. 


  1. Host an Outdoor Gift Swap


Want to continue your family tradition of gift swapping? Whether you go the traditional route or opt for variants like Secret Santa or White Elephant gifting, it’s easy to make this happen outdoors. Have loved ones mask up and head outdoors to meet extended family. You can even make it extra fun by decorating your front or backyard for the occasion! Don’t forget to help your kids make and give creative handmade gifts!


Whether you’re finding creative ways to tweak favorite traditions or creating new and delightful ones you’ll enjoy for seasons to come, this holiday season is an opportunity to celebrate our family and loved ones at the end of this year’s chaotic journey. Take time for joy and recharge your batteries, and don’t forget to check out our tips on winning holiday gifts!

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