Holiday Gift Guide to Support Your Village

In a typical year, with winter holidays approaching, our shopping lists would be filled with toys, new clothes, family trips, and outings to fun wintery activities. This year might look a little different! Due to the pandemic, our needs may have changed and our resources may look different. Let’s focus on a different kind of gift-giving–the kind that will brighten up your loved ones’ lives during this challenging time. Over the past year, Project Village has partnered with multiple businesses that are geared towards health, productivity, and emotional well-being. Let’s focus on our top 10 favorite gift ideas to help families survive and thrive through this unique holiday season.


  1. Gaiam – We love the wellness focus of this amazing company, with their full line of yoga products, workout apparel, and recovery tools. But more than this, the Gaiam store has some unique and innovative products to help with at-home learning and working. Check out their flexible seating options for kids, such as wiggle seats and balance ball chairs, designed to help kids get important movement to stay focused during their learning. There are also some fantastic gift ideas to encourage wellness while working from home, such as aromatherapy, massagers, and flexible seating for adults.
  2. Sleeper Teachers – For so many parents, sleep deprivation takes a huge toll on our ability to be physically and emotionally healthy. For grandparents looking for the absolute best gift for sleep-deprived parents, look no further – meet the Sleeper Teachers! This is a fantastic team of sleep coaches, whose motto is: “Sleep is the ultimate form of self-care”. As a special gift to Project Village readers, they are offering a free booster session with the purchase of a consultation package (use promo code PROJECTVILLAGE). 
  3. Coping Skills for Kids – We can all agree that our kids have never lived through such stressful times. Big feelings can come out as big behaviors, and it is essential as parents that we help our kids to develop healthy and productive coping strategies. We love the amazing products created by Janine Halloran, founder of Coping Skills for Kids. Our favorite things: the Coping Skills for Kids Workbook and the Coping Skills Cue Cards to help teach and practice strategies for managing big feelings. Get 20% off your purchase with promo code VILLAGE.
  4. Threads Worldwide Fair Trade Jewelry – Many of us who are working from home have been dressing down, and our daily work uniform has become yoga pants and comfy sweatshirts. There’s nothing like a beautiful piece of jewelry to feel a bit more dressed up! Threads Worldwide offers unique, hand-made jewelry, crafted by women artisans around the world whose lives are changed by the opportunity for fair trade work. Take a look at the amazing gift bundles available from Threads.
  5. Traffic Light Center – Life in a pandemic has created a great deal of stress, uncertainty and change for so many families. The Traffic Light Center has a unique approach to supporting clients to overcome obstacles, by matching them with experienced & skilled life coaches. Traffic Light Center offers a free 30 minute consultation with the code PROJECTVILLAGE.
  6. Dehl Nutrition – Created by Dr. Adrienne Youdim, a physician specializing in nutrition, this line of high quality products are the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle. We especially love the delicious Dehl Bars and the nutritional supplements to enhance physical and emotional well-being. The perfect gift to nourish your health-conscious loved ones! Dehl Nutrition is offering a promotion of 10% off your purchase with promo code PROJECTVILLAGE10.
  7. Rocketbook – The line of products from Rocketbook are productivity superheroes, and would make great gifts for teachers, clients, co-workers, or family members. Get your 2021 kicked off in the right direction with notebooks such as the Rocketbook Panda Planner. The unique synthetic paper, when used with the Frixion pens, allows the user to magically wipe the planner clean and reuse the pages. You can also use the Rocketbook app to save your notes to your favorite cloud server (check out this page to see how it works). 
  8. Better Help – It’s no secret that levels of anxiety, depression and family stress are higher than ever during this super challenging year. Better Help is an incredibly convenient, affordable and private way for people to connect with a licensed counselors and mental health professionals. Counseling sessions take place via online platform, phone and live chat. Emotional wellness is truly the most important gift you can give this year.
  9. Stress Intel For all things stress management, Dr. Sandra Thebaud is here to help. She draws on 25+ years of experience and has written e-books and courses to help develop stress management skills to navigate these times. These products would make nurturing gifts for the stressed out loved ones in your life. Use the coupon code PROJECTVILLAGE for 10% off the “Reduce Your Stress” program. 
  10. Six Degrees Society – The last gift on our list is for the woman entrepreneur in your life! Six Degrees Society has made networking into an artform, offering multiple online events (as well as membership options) to help professional relationships blossom. Program options include workshops and moderated panels to empower women professionals. This wonderful organization is offering one free event with the promo code PROJECTVILLAGE.


We hope this gift guide has provided you with wonderful ideas to nurture and support your family members, friends, teachers, co-workers, and other loved ones in your life. What are your favorite gifts to give during this 2020 holiday season? Comment below!



*Affiliate disclaimer statement:
I only recommend things that I really love, that I have used personally with my own kids or students. This article contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission at no extra charge to you if you decide to purchase.

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